Chocolate Experiences

We create chocolate experiences. Our mission is to open minds, spirits, and palates through esteemed chocolate, inspiring us to interact with the world in a new and creative way. There is no better way to realize our goal than to gather with groups to engage in chocolate experiences. Our Chocolate Concierge team will work with you to design the ideal event for your guests. Some of our chocolate experiences include:

Chocolate Pairings With what will chocolate not marry? We believe that every chocolate has ideal mates. Seasonally, we are on the hunt for new wine, beer, tea, cocktails, cheeses, and other foods, to pair with our chocolate creations. Pairing stations with tasting notes and guided pairings create unexpected chocolate experiences for guests that stimulate conversation and creativity. Chocolate Truffle Rolling Tasting Table Our Chocolate Concierge will guide guests through a tasting table experience showcasing the unusual flavor profiles and superior source ingredients that are used in our lab and factory. Guests guide the way selecting ingredients of their choice and our Concierge hand rolls dark chocolate truffles in the chosen ingredients, coating the outer surface of the chocolate. Guests immediately taste and assess their customized, fresh truffle creations. Chocolate Truffle Rolling Take Home Gifts Guests have a chance to get their hands in some chocolate and craft creations of their own! A Chocolate Concierge will lead the way. Each guest can experiment and roll their dark chocolate ganache truffles in spices, nuts, herbs, or other ingredients provided. Guests can either sample their work immediately, or four finished truffles can be tucked safely into one of our signature purple boxes with a hand-tied bow to gift to a loved one or enjoy later. Sensorial Chocolate Experience Groups will be guided through sensory activations to learn to heighten their senses and hone their awareness. Using various exercises, we will experiment with touch, smell, and sight, before our palates work to discern different ingredients in chocolate. Chocolate Bar Making Guests fuel their creativity and get hands on with the creation of their own chocolate bars. A Chocolate Concierge will lead the group through customization of a Vosges Haut-Chocolat chocolate bar using spices, fruits, nuts, and other superior ingredients chosen to showcase each individuals personality and adventure level.